BC Day 3

Day 3: Your first love

My first love was Jordan Knight of the New Kids on the Block. I spent many years learning all I could about this boy then man. I spent countless hours imagining time spent with him. But believe it or not, those dreams were not meant to be. And now, as an adult, I can honestly say I'm glad. I haven't been very impressed with the interviews I have seen over the years since we have all grown up.

But seriously, I didn't have a crazy love life before marriage. Its kind of a boring story. I met my husband the first semester of my freshmen year in college. He was my math tutor :)

I had very few dates before I started seeing Andy. Andy came along and that was 15 yrs. ago. We dated for 4 1/2 yrs. when we got married. We both graduated on the same day in May. June 10th, we got married.

Most of our dating was done long distance. This is probably odd. But it was what we had to do. You see, he was a year ahead of me and then had to go to Pitt Main campus for the next four years. And of course, we lived on opposite sides of the state.

We visited each other every other weekend and that first year apart, we spent TONS of money on phone bills. Lucky for us, after the first year apart, Pitt came up with the idea to allow campus to campus calls for FREE!

Free calls allowed us to talk a few times a day, and sometimes for hours a day. No, it wasn't your typical relationship but it was a good one. Being apart so much meant we had to be good communicators. We also had to trust each other with everything. Both of these qualities are hard work to cultivate but are well worth the effort.

Today, we have been married 11 years and have a beautiful family. Andy is a terrific daddy and a very good husband. I am a very blessed woman.

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