BC Day 2

Blog Challenge Day 2 - How did you pick the name of your blog?


Java Talk.  I love to drink coffee.  And I love to talk.  Put it together and you get Java Talk.  I drink coffee by myself every day.  But I love having the chance to meet with my friends over coffee.  This is a great time to unwind, and connect with other women like me.  Drinking coffee can be a very social experience.  In fact, my husband hates coffee and as silly as it sounds, I wish he would drink it so we could share these ideal mornings together over a cup of coffee.  Of course, just drinking coffee wont make the moment but it will add to the charm ;)

Java Talk was easy.  The web address was a bit trickier.  Any thing I thought of that had to do with coffee and talking was already taken.  So I had to get creative.  What am I aiming for?  I desire for Java Talk to be a place that is similar to an online cafe.  What?  I know, sounds silly and pointless but follow me.  I love sitting together with my girlfriends, laughing, venting, sharing, etc.  I want this to be a place where I can share those same thoughts and experiences with my readers.  With that said, here is your part...for this to be a blog that has a conversational flow, I need more comments.  There are a few who have been brave enough to share their thoughts on a given topic.  I wish to see this become a place where we can agree and disagree.  We can share similar stories.  Offer tips and suggestions.  THAT is where bringyourownmug.blogspot.com comes from.  Not only does the reader have to "bring their own mug" if they are going to enjoy a cup of coffee at my virtual cafe, but each time you read and respond, you are doing your part to share and and add to the conversation.  A little hokey, but there you have it.  These two pieces together are how Java Talk got its name and web address.

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