BC Day 11

Day 11:  A TV show you are addicted to

I don't watch a lot of TV anymore.  I would much rather read a book.   But I have two favorite shows.  Neither is a reality show.   I have never liked a reality show.  I just don't understand the draw of reality tv.  I am much more of a crime show girl.

This show is great!  She is a forensic anthropologist that works with the FBI
 to solve murders.  Of course there is lots of angst between the two main characters that I love.  The rest of the cast is made up of very fun characters that really compliment each other.  I cannot wait until this show comes back on!

I also really enjoy the show Flashpoint

This is another show with an ensemble cast.  They are a special police team.  The Strategic Response Team.  They do some negotiating in a hostage situation but know how to shoot to kill if that is the only solution.  I like how this show has an incident each episode but it also includes a personal story of one of the major characters.  I think its a great show and I look forward to it each week.

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