BC Day 1

Day 1: Introduce, recent picture of yourself, 15 interesting facts

My name is Dawn. I am a stay at home mom who seems to be at home very little each day. I enjoy my writing this blog very much.

1. I have the million dollar family...one boy and one girl.
2. Reading is one of my favorite "me time" activities. I enjoy books where I can dog-ear the pages and I love my ereader. Any way I can get lost in someone else's story is fine with me.
3. I'm very good at reading aloud, especially children's stories.
4. I have recently discovered I like to cook. Within the past year I've really begun to enjoy making real breakfast, healthy snacks and a dinner that pleases most of those around the table.
5. I can lose all sense of time looking through cooking magazines as well as cookbooks.
6. I've always wanted a truck. I drive an Acadia an I love it but it is not a real truck.
7. I am an Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay.
8. I buy too many pajamas, lipsticks and shampoos. No rhyme or reason here. I just love to buy these things so I often come home with at least one of these items when I go out shopping.
9. Im most likely to lose my temper if my exercise gets interrupted. I get an hour five days a week. Talk to me any other hour in the day. Leave me alone when I'm getting my sweat on!
10. My favorite TV show is Bones.
11. I did not want to get my driver's license. At 18 I told my mom with lots of attitude "you can make me take the test but you can't make me pass!". I got my license when I was 19.
12. I sing all the time. Music is like a soundtrack to my life. I like it on in the background. I'm amazed how hearing a song can take you back to a memory from long ago.
13. I really do no like to blow dry my hair. But my hair looks awful if I don't blow dry it. So flat and lifeless. So I do this job I dislike so much every day. Every four weeks I celebrate and I do not "do" my hair bc I have a hair appointment that day.
14. I love to dance in the kitchen as I listen to the music while I'm cooking :)
15. This was very hard to think of 15 interesting things to share about myself.

Blog Challenge Day 1 complete. Check back tomorrow to learn how I came up with the title, Java Talk.

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  1. Dawn, I thingk this is a great idea!I'd like to do it along with you if you don't mind. It might be a good start to my 200+ postings. Thanks for finding it.

  2. I think it's a great idea. I would be thrilled if you did the challenge too. I look forward to reading what you share.


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