You Know the Kids Are Back...

Last week my in-laws took the kiddos for the first time. This whole experience was a great one. The kids had a terrific time. Grandma and Pop-pop kept them too busy for them to feel homesick. Much to my surprise, I didn't worry all week. In fact, the idea of them going way was worse then them actually being away.

So, now they are back. Life is getting back to normal. Haha, whatever that is. Here is a list I've created with little reminders that my Mini's have returned.

You Know the Kids Are Back When....
1. 7 am brings a stampede down the stairs eagerly waiting for breakfast.
2. The kiddie pool is blown up in the back yard.
3. You have to vacuum under the table after each meal.
4. You've said, "no TV right now" several times a day.
And finally, You Know Yours Kiddos Are Back...when the dialogue in the car or around the table revolves around talk of Legos or Star Wars.

I hope you are smiling now. I know I am :)

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  1. I hear ya sister. I'm finding things that remind me of them being here such as little fingerprints on the glass doors, an action figure poking out from under the coffee table and a doll sock under the bed. They all make me smile, too!


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