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As you know, I take my exercise every seriously. I'm not a fanatic but I have a varied routine and I don't like to mess with it. I belong to the local YMCA, which offers childcare. Here is my problem. That childcare fills up quickly and then I can't take my class.

That makes me mad. Very mad. I feel I am a paying member and childcare is a service provided. If I go to the trouble to pack us all up and get there only to find the dreaded "FULL" sign hanging, it makes me crazy.

I realize that there are laws and there has to be so many adults per child. So get that number adults in the room! One woman in my class said at the last Y she belonged to, they grabbed any employee they could find. Like someone from the front desk to help out. Why do they need three people out at the desk anyway?

I workout in the morning. Who do you think works out in the morning? Moms...with kids. Hmm...maybe this is something they should consider.

So, do you have any suggestions to share that would solve this issue. I am going to be writing my Y and I want to give them suggestions. Does your gym have childcare and if so, how do they address the adult to child ratio? Any thoughts are appreciated.

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