No Kids Allowed

It was late for my family to have dinner. We finally made it to a restaurant. We walk in and are greeted by a nice man who says, "No children allowed after 6pm". I was shocked. A little offended and really annoyed because we were all very tired and hungry.

This really happened to us while we were on vacation earlier this summer. Once we finally had food in our bellies, I started thinking about the no-kids policy.

On one hand, I was offended. My children behave very well in a restaurant. Who are "they" to tell me they aren't? Of course, they're not perfect but in general, they are very good when we eat out. Several years ago, a friend of mine didn't want to go out to eat because her boys "don't do well in a restaurant". Well, that was not going to be me. So I've taken these two out frequently from the time they were born. It wasn't always easy but the hard work has paid off. They are pleasant lunch/dinner companions.

On the other hand, I understand that some people just want a quiet night out. For those who don't have children or who have paid someone to keep their kiddos home so they can enjoy a quiet night kid-free, the last thing they want to hear is some child throwing a tantrum because they are bored.

My first response was, "who do they think they are telling me I can't eat there with my family?". But like I said before, I understand the other side too.

What are your thoughts on child-free restaurants? It seems this is becoming more and more popular. Is it a good policy? Would you eat at a restaurant that didn't allow children? Leave a comment below. Let's start a discussion...


  1. I think it's a GREAT idea. As a mother of six and scout leader to 15 girls..on occasion I need a break. When I go out for date night with my hubby, or dinner with the girls..the last thing I'd like to hear are other children. There are child friendly restaurants and there are places not quite so appropriate for children. I think it benefits the children as well. I've experienced being in places after hours with my kids around rude adults with bad language & behavior. However this policy should be clearly advertised and not come as a surprise to the diners.

  2. Stephanie, I totally agree with you. I think there is a time and place to dine out with your kiddos. I think this should be a clearly posted policy. Thank you so much for input :)


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