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This weekend, we were given a new game. It's called. Zingo! 1-2-3. Games for kids are tricky. You never know if the game is going to be a good one or if it is going to be a flop.

Zingo! is a number bingo game. And we are really enjoying it. There are number tiles stored in this in slider. Each turn you get two new tiles. Each player looks at their card and if they need the number, they call it out and place it on their card. First player to fill the card wins.

The green side of the card is easier. It has a picture of the number plus the number spelled out. The red side of the card is more challenging. There are two sets of pictures with a plus sign so you must add them and place the tile that is the total of those images.

I'm loving this game for my recently turned five year old. She is getting pretty quick at seeing the number tile and matching it to the number words. I think this is great as she is one month away from entering kindergarten. My son and I can play the red side together for a little more challenge. It's fun, it's pretty simple once the kiddos understand the objective and it's educational. I would recommend this game for anyone with primary aged children. Keep it in mind as you look for new games (you can only play Candyland so many times) or if you are looking for a gift idea.

Has anyone else found another kids game they would recommend to others? Please share any games that have been successful in your house. I'm always looking for new games and I can't be the only one. Thanks!

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