Goodbye Germs

While I was skimming the paper this morning I saw a write up on how to clean your toilet brush. This was interesting to me because just a few weeks ago I bought a new scrub brush. I never though about the germs left on the brush but once the idea sprouted, I couldn't shake the ICK factor. No biggie, buy a new one,. Luckily they are pretty cheap.

In this column there was discussion of running the scrub brush through the dishwasher. No dishes of course but seriously!?!? Not in my house. This is just a mental thing for me but I could not wash my dishes after that.

One person said that most cleansers have bleach so the germs can't survive any way. This may be true and it does make me feel a little better but I still think I am going to buy a new toilet brush every so often. Again, thy are very inexpensive.

What about you? How do you kill the germs on your toilet brush? Would you run it through the dishwasher? Share your thoughts below.


  1. I would not run it through my dishwasher lol. -Lesley

  2. Germs, germs, germs. I say fooey. I never heard of anyone dying or even getting sick from a toilet bowl cleaner. I say "forget about it". Now cats on the other hand. Those vile beasts. Now those things you put through a dishwasher.


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