Friday Question

I got one question from a reader. So today, I will answer one question instead of five. Be thinking of a question to post next week for Five Question Friday. I think this is a fun way to interact with those who come back and read Java Talk.
Do you use the handicap stall in the restroom or leave it for someone who is handicapped?
Well, I have used the handicap stall many times. Especially when my kiddos were small. It was the only stall I could fit all three of us in. Now I rarely use it. If I use it, I make sure there is no one waiting that is handicap. Mostly I just see it as another stall. If all the others are being used, I'll use it. I tend to opt for the first stall. I read once, most people don't like to use the first stall because it's too close to the people waiting in line. Less users means less germs. Good question. Thanks for asking!

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