Decaf Must Have

Coffee, water, the occasional diet pepsi. That about sums up my beverage selection. The coffee I love. The water I drink because I'm supposed to. Very rarely do I enjoy it. In fact, I usually drink a bottle of water in just a few minutes. Lots of really long gulps. I'm glad to hit the bottom of the bottle. Until recently.

I've tried Crystal Light before and I haven't been a huge fan. I'm also a little weary of the artificial sweetener. Don't get me wrong, I eat low cal yogurt and other items that have fake sugar but I try to keep it minimal. We just don't know for sure how safe it is.

This has all changed for me. I tried the Crystal Light Pure and I'm hooked. This version is sweetened with sugar and truvia, a natural sweetener. I absolutely LOVE the lemonade and mixed berry. I drink one or two of these each day. I think it tastes great and I enjoy drinking water again. I also don't giving these drinks to my children which means they are drinking more water too.

I guess only time and repeated studies will tell us if truvia is safe or if it is nothing more than a gimmick. I'm hoping this is a natural sweetener that is safe. And like all things, we need to keep moderation in mind. But for now, I am very happy with my new discovery. Drink up everyone!

Have you tried the Crystal Light Pure? What did you think?

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