Best Birthday Party

This past weekend we celebrated my little girl's fifth birthday. I tried very hard to find someone to bring a pony to our house for the party. But I couldn't make it happen. Finally, I found a farm that did parties...so I signed us up.

This was the best birthday party we have had for our kids yet! We went to Blue Hound Farms. Farmer Kristie and Farmer Jim were great with the kiddos.

The kids spent 2 1/2 hours seeing so many things on the farm. We saw and pet ducks. A few pigs. And were followed by the coolest white turkey named Chase, who followed us around the whole time like a dog.

Our group spent time in the stables with the horses. Each child got to milk a goat. We even saw two goats within minutes of them being born! You don't see that every day.

And of course, each child got to ride a beautiful horse. The birthday girl got to ride from the stable to the ring. And then back again. While in the ring, she got to experience the horse trotting for the first time (her first, not the horses).

We also enjoyed a great hayride around the farm. I cant imagine there was much about the farm that wasn't included in our party. The kids had a great time but most importantly, my little girl was in her element. She loved being surrounded by and interacting with so many animals. I hope this was a birthday she will always remember.

What was your best birthday memory? How old were you? Please share below.

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