Vacation Journal

  We stayed busy in the town of Cape May, NJ.  We weren't here for many days but we know how to make the most of our time. 

We started our vacation at a fun Mini Golf Course.

First time to the beach this year.  We set up the blanket and let the kids go...it was so cute to see as they got closer to the water, they reached for each other's hand.  (evidence that they do love each other, haha)

Running away from the water.

Daddy spent a lot of time digging holes.  The upside was I didn't have to worry about my kiddos being swept out to sea ;)

Just because I had my camera and I made them pose.

My horse crazy girl.

We enjoyed lots of ice cream over the past few days.  Ice Cream is a sometimes food.  We just happened to fit all our sometimes into one week, lol!

Every year, my daughter wants to ride the "walking horsey".  It is a great trip around the cape.  We learned a lot of interesting facts about Cape May, the history, the buildings, etc.  I know...I'm totally getting my Geek On.

Walking home one night, I made the kiddos pose again.  I think this is  my favorite pic.

This is our second year at this house.  Great location.  We can walk everywhere!  A family pic to remember our stay.

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