Sweet Treat

Twenty minutes ago, I was sitting on my patio and I really wanted ice cream. No big deal for many people because a quick trip to the freezer is all that's necessary to fulfill that desire. Unfortunately for me, ice cream is one of those things I can't be good around so I just don't keep it in my house. So again, I was sitting on my patio frustrated because I really wanted something I was not going to get.

So I got creative. For my last birthday I asked for and received a cuisinart ice cream maker. It hasn't been used often but I knew it wouldn't when I asked for it. I just wanted to give my kiddos the experience of making their own ice cream from time to time. I googled "frozen yogurt machine recipes" and BAM! I was in business. The very first recipe I found used regular ingredients that I already had in the house. Just another reason I love my iPhone, need a recipe? No biggie. Google it and POOF! You've got recipes ;)

The hubby and I decided to make vanilla frozen yogurt and we planned to throw on a couple of fresh blueberries when it was ready to eat. After a few unproductive attempts to get our frozen treat whipped together, we figured out what were doing wrong. Who really reads the User's manual anyway? Finally, we were ready to dish it out and enjoy. It was touch and go for a few minutes, apparently there is a definate order to follow when assembling the parts and adding the ingredients. Lesson learned...put mixer in frozen bowl BEFORE you add ingredients!

Pretty soon, we were both back on the patio with our impulsive desserts. What a great way to have a guilt free snack. There was a bunch left over so the kiddos will be surprised tomorrow when I bring it out for them to enjoy. Once we figured out what we were doing, it came together very quickly. Of course, it disappeared even faster. Not a bad way to spend a quiet night with the hubby.

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