The Tulsa Adventure -Part 1

I'm not a frequent flyer. In fact, I haven't flown in over six years. And today, I am having this adventure all by myself, haha. I am flying to Tulsa to see my sister graduate from her Residency Program. I had a very full day at home, taking care of kids, going to the gym, appointments (my pedi!) and sneaking around the house with my suitcase so my dog didn't get upset...all before I left for the airport.

A great friend dropped me off at the airport. I left from Harrisburg a little after 4 pm. I was expecting a 3 hour layover in Detroit. So I was prepared to spend my quiet time reading. Well, 3 hours, turned to 4. And 4 turned to 5 hours.

This is what you do when faced with 5 hours in an airport by yourself.
1. Eat dinner.
2. Finish reading your current book. (don't worry, of course you brought more books to read)
3. Grab a cup of coffee (and then another and then another).
4. Watch a movie you rented on your iPhone. (I was supposed to watch it on the next plane but now it will be too late to watch it so no harm in watching it earlier)
5. Walk up and down the terminal(at least three times).
6. Use the restroom (again, at least three times).
7. Be ignored by the woman working at the coffee shop as you stand right in front of her for several minutes. (she was looking through receipts but she could have at least acknowledged me)
8. Be chased out of Gate B2 by the guy who is sweeping the floor. (he actually grumbled about how out of all the gates, I had to sit at this one! I moved on)
9. Leaving Mr. Friendly, I began another walk and decided to check the board again. Lucky for me, because my flight had been moved to Gate B3 (I have no idea when) and just started boarding. Thanks Mr. Friendly!

This day has been very long but kind of fun. Aside from the rude people I have encountered. I have hit a few bumps but I'm still on my way to Tulsa so it's all worked out. I'm looking forward to a great weekend with my sister. I'm going to miss Andy and the "Mini's" and I know I'll be happy to see them on Sunday night. Traveling alone was a little scary but it would have been much more stressful if the kids had come.

It is past my bedtime now, so I'm going to see if I can sleep on a plane. If I do fall asleep, at least I don't have to worry about missing my stop :)

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