Summer Nights

This is the first year I've really thought that we should do specific things as a family. Before, we did stuff when we did it. I think the difference is now my kids are school aged and I want to fit in as much as we can this summer. Until school schedules needed to be considered, we could do activities and go places when we wanted. Now I have a feeling for how fast my children are growing.

One if the little things I wanted to do this summer was to let the Mini's stay up late to roast marshmallows in our chiminea. Tonight was going to be the night.

Easier said than done. Andy got out some wood, newspaper and the lighter. I grabbed the marshmallows and sticks. But we couldn't get a fire going. The paper would light but the wood wouldn't catch :( Finally, we sent two sad kiddos to bed with a raw marshmallow as a reward.

A few minutes later, the fire took off. Andy started moving the wood around. Bingo! We had a fire. I was happy to go upstairs and get the Mini's out of bed. They came running downstairs with such excitement. I'm so glad that we were able to pull this off tonight for our kiddos. One activity down with a summertime left for more fun to come!

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  1. Dawn, Guess what - strawberries are ripe for picking here now! Our season must be later and when I heard this I thought about you wanting to pick some. And Wal-Mart can't compare with fresh picked strawberries.


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