Road Trip!

My sister is moving from Oklahoma to North Carolina. She is ready to start her new life as a doctor at a family clinic. We are so proud of our Dr. Sis :)

My parents are driving with my sister as she moves her life. My kiddos were sad that they couldn't go to her graduation from Residency. They can't wait to see Aunt Sissy.

Yesterday I got an idea! I asked my mom to send me an email each time they stop to eat a meal or stop for the night. Then the kiddos and I can follow on a map where our loved ones are each day.

Mom thought this was a good idea and she has been great about sending emails with pictures of different landmarks along the way.

So far, they left Tulsa. They slept in Little Rock, AK. Yesterday they made a stop in Memphis and stopped for the night in Nashville, TN. They are hoping to make it to Sis's new hometown tonight.

This is a little way my family can feel a part of this big move even though we aren't with them. Last night my son mentioned in his prayer that it was fun to follow the trip on a map (good call for me). Praying for safe travels.

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