Not There Yet....Part 3

It is 1:30 in the morning and I am not home yet. When I last wrote, I was feeling good about my trip home and couldn't wait to see my family.

That was 9 hours ago. That was 2 concourses ago. That was 5 gates ago. That was being on Standby for 2 flights ago.

I did finally get a flight out of Atlanta but I only got to Baltimore. That was the only flight I could get out on the current day. And I just barely made it out on the same day.

For someone who is known to panic and worry, I have been unusually calm throughout all of this. If my kiddos had been with me, I'm sure I would have been a spastic mess but I've done pretty well by myself.

I have to admit to a brief bout of panic. But this was right after my new friend who was going to fly to Baltimore with me and share a rental car, bailed on me. She thought she could find a different way home.

But God is good. As I was starting to get upset, a couple who had gate-hopped along with me invited me to ride to Central PA with them.

This has truly been an adventure. And although I'm going to be exhausted tomorrow (you know, when the sun comes up) I feel pretty good about getting through this trip on my own.

I'm so thankful for the good people in my life. Andy has had the kiddos nonstop for days and yet he is ready to wake up everyone and meet me whenever I get close to home. I have great friends who were ready to my kids for the day when it looked like I was going to be spending this new day going from Cleveland to Detroit and them finally Harrisburg. I am so glad that is no longer my itinerary. But they were ready to pitch in if I needed them to. I'm especially thankful for two co-workers who were willing to let me tag along for the ride so I could get home before the sun comes up.

Please forgive any typos but it is now almost 2 am. I just couldn't wait to share the latest installment of The Tulsa Adventure ;) What a trip it has been! I'm pretty pleased to know that I did it. Its been a long day. And I can't wait to get to bed. But I did it.

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