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I like to stay busy, which can be stressful so I thrive on having a schedule. As a mother, it was natural for me to tell my kiddos our plans for the day. This has backfired! I have created "Must Know Agenda Monsters" and it isn"t pretty. Sometimes I feel trapped by their constant need to know...

What started out as a way to motivate, (hurry up and eat your breakfast so we can do ______" has turned into a written in stone contract of our daily activities. At let, that's is what they would like it to be. And it is all my fault :(

It starts at the breakfast table, "what are we doing today.". A simple question. A simple answer. You would think, but no. That simple question is followed by, "and then what.". Followed by, "and then what.". You get the picture.

Later in thhe day, someone will ask again what we are going to do later. Maybe, "what re we going to do after dinner.". And then often at night before bed, one of my little ones will ask what we are going to do the next day. I'm serious. At six and four, they are too young to be asking for the sake of making conversation. Monsters...that's what I've created.

As someone who has always found comfort in a schedule, I am feeling trapped instead. It doesn"t matter what day of the week or which month of the year, inquiring minds want to know. And if I change things up, someone is sure to call me on it. "mommy, you said we were going to _____ after _____". I almost feel like I have to be secretive about what I'd like to do just so that I don't have to hear about any changes.

I am trying very hard to break them of this need to know every activity of our day. This isn't easy. I answer vague intentionally. By the end of this summer, I would like to be able to be in charge of our daily plans instead of the plans being in charge of me. I want my children to be responsible but still know how to have fun. I want them to experience "spur of the moment". If anything, I am definitely learning to be more flexible and not be so tied to
a plan of events.

If you have any ideas on how to de-schedule my kiddos, I'd love to hear them. Please leave a comment with any suggestions. Thanks

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  1. Try telling them you are going to do something new - instead of telling them what you are going to be doing, you are going to let them tell about their day afterwards in a journal. They could write about something they enjoyed doing that day, or they could draw a picture of it.


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