Mission Accomplished

I'm pretty sure I've already written about my 5 minute plank challenge. Just in case you missed it, here is the short version.

In my gym class, our instructor kept talking about this 5 min plank she wanted to do. I thought it was awful torture and it was rude for her to make us do this when it was her crazy goal. By each week she added time to our plank.

Several weeks ago I got the idea to try this at home to show Andy what I was talking about. I put a song on my iPod and set to work. I made it the whole song, over 3 mins. I was so excited that this crazy goal became my own. My friends on Facebook are probably tired of my weekly updates on the time accomplished. But oh well!

So today I am on vacation with my family. But this is the day my class is reaching 5 mins. So I handed a timer to Andy and assumed the position.

I did it! I did it! I did it! Ok, I'm done. I know this is a silly goal but it was one that became my own. I took ownership of it and I worked hard for it.

I have realized that I don't really set goals for myself. With the rush I feel today having accomplished a this goal, I think I need to set another goal. There is definitely something to be said for wanting something and then working hard for it.

Now I need to think of something new to work for. Any suggestions? Have you ever set a personal goal and
accomplished it? Remember the excitement and sense of fulfillment that followed?

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