Just A Day

Our wedding pic

Today is my husband and my 11th wedding anniversary.  This has got me thinking about our special day.  Whenever I hear people talking about wedding plans, I can't help but think, "It's just a day.  Enjoy it, have fun, but don't stress too much or spend an insane amount of money on it."  

We were so young when we got married.  We were both 23 and had graduated college the month before.  Eleven years later, there is very little I would do the same.   I would keep the groom ;) and I would keep the flowers.  Just about every thing else I would do differently.  I'd have a different dress, for me as well as my bridesmaids.  I would definately, use a different photographer.  I would actually eat the food.  Laugh a lot more.  Enjoy the company of the people who came to celebrate with us.  

Don't get me wrong, planning this day is going to be stressful, but there is no need for Bridezilla to attend.  Looking back, it is just a day.  A special day, but it's every other day after that you should be preparing for.  It's so easy to get caught up in the demands and expectations  of the day.  But if someone were to ask for my advice about planning a wedding.  I would suggest they think very hard and come up with the few things that REALLY matter to them.  Do what you can to make those things happen, and enjoy the ride for the rest. 

Our family 11 years later.

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