Coming Home -Part 2

My extended weekend away from being a mom and wife are coming to an end. I am happy to say, a break from these roles were not my intent although there are days when I long for a break like this. This was a separation from my family for a very good reason. My little sister graduated from her Residency program.

We are all so very proud of her. At first, I couldn't imagine bringing the kids to such an important and serious ceremony. Andy and I planned to make this trip together. The kiddos were going to stay the week with my in-laws.

When it was time to order our tickets, we were shocked at the cost for two people to fly. So...Flight to Oklahoma for One was born. Lucky for me, Andy is a great Daddy who is very capable of taking care of things at home.

My return trip has been much more uneventful than my travels to see my Sister. I'm a happy about that.

As I sit and wait for my final flight to arrive, I wish my whole family had come. This would have been a terrific experience for all of us.

Both of the kids want to fly on a plane. There were children running all over the resort where we were for the graduation. They even provided childcare during all the different ceremonies. During free time, there was so much we could have done together. We could have gone horseback riding and rode peddle boats. There was also a very nice pool that we could have taken advantage of.

I'm not sorry I went by myself.
I've kind of enjoyed the quiet and freedom of traveling alone. I also enjoyed the time alone with my sister.

This little getaway was like a choose-your-own adventure book. I would have had a great experience either way. I got to take this trip solo and I feel like I've accomplished something by doing this without any major problems.

I absolutely enjoyed my time away from the demands of my every day life, but I'm glad to be almost home. I am really looking forward to seeing Andy and the kids tonight when they pick me up!

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