Book Review - Angel Burn by L.A. Weatherly

I had a really neat opportunity.  At least, I think it was pretty neat.  I applied to be a part of a promotional Book Club.  I was provided a free copy of the book (Did you know you can get email to your Kindle?  You can!), they emailed the book straight to my Kindle.  I was to read the book, and leave comments on the Facebook Fan page.  My last responsibility was to review the book on my personal blog site.  I really struggled with this last part.  But I have decided to do my part, so here it goes.

The book was called Angel Burn.  This is a book written for young adult readers.  I know, I'm a little old for that but the Twilight Saga was written for the same age and I absolutely loved those.  I read the whole series in 4 1/2 days (so thankful my mother-in-law was around that week because my kiddos were not being neglected with her around, lol).  And for the record, I am totally Team Edward ;)

I didn't know the what Angel Burn was about until after I was accepted.  It turns out, the book was a fast read.  It was an intense adventure for two teenagers who end up trying to save the human race.  The book was very well written.  I could connect with the characters.  But I had one problem with the book.  And for me, this was a big problem.

The crisis in this story is that Angels are harming the human race.  I believe in God and Jesus is my savior.  I believe in Angels.  They are created Beings that do what God has created them to do.  I am not privy to God's thoughts so I'm not exactly sure what that is but I DO NOT believe it is to do people, His creation, harm. 

To the author's credit, she never once associates the angels to God or Heaven.  Instead, they live in another realm and when their atmosphere wont support them anymore, they decide to run a test and see if they can survive on Earth.  The way they do this is to feed off of the energy of humans.  The humans are left with side effects like being tired and sick.  The only memories of these experiences with the Angels are awesome.  The author explains common ailments in our world with this Angel Burn (depression, schizophrenia and even cancer).  I would have handled this idea better if they were either 1. Angels gone bad, you know, they turned away from God.  or 2. Something other than an angel.  A made up creature or even an alien would have worked better.    Unfortunately, I was not able to look beyond this so I did not enjoy the book nor would I recommend it to someone else to read.

I did enjoy being a part of this Secret Book Club and I hope I would be chosen to do this again.  There, that feels better.  I was uncomfortable with not doing my part and writing a review on this book.  

So am I making a big deal out of nothing or do you think I am justified in my opinion?  Do you think it would have bothered you at all or could you separate you beliefs and just accept it at part of a story? 


  1. Sounds interesting

  2. Did the angels have wings?

  3. Yes, they had wings when they were in Angel form and feeding. When they were disguised as humans, no wings.

  4. I, too, get offended when I hear, read, or see something that inaccurately depicts my Lord or his realm. In this situation, I think they should have called it Dark Angel Burn - but then they would have had to address the good side.

    Making it about aliens would have worked.


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