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This is not another post about my patio.  I do love spending my evenings on the patio, but right now, I'm thinking about my bird feeder. 

I have never had a bird feeder before.  I've had this one for almost two months and I cannot believe the simple enjoyment I get from watching the activity around this feeder.  I spend a lot of time glancing over to see who is munching away at the feeder.  There always seems to be somebody.

Silly Squirrel

I have quite the collection of creatures that stop by.  I have seen at least 3 chippy's, 2 of which have created a home right by the feeder.  Yesterday, I was shocked to look out and find 3 squirrels! 1 on the feeder and the other 2 below.  I know it is common for squirrels to take over a bird feeder but I didn't think my little feeder would support the weight of squirrel.  The variety of birds is amazing to me.  I get doves, male and female cardinals.  I've seen a beautiful yellow finch.  And so many more.  I can tell they are different, but a lot of them are similar enough that I have a hard time identifying them. 

Chippy is hiding in the black hole. 
There are 2 doves, a squirrel.  A bird on the ground and 2 birds on the feeder.  None of my colored birds stopped by this afternoon.
 What is so fascinating to me about these visitors is how they interact with each other.  Some fly in and out in groups.  Others are by themselves as they peck away.  At any time, there can be a chipmunk or two, eating from the ground, with 4 or 5 birds eating right beside.  There may be a few birds on the feeder and there are usually a couple of birds on the fence, as if they are waiting their turn. 

I haven't seen any bullying really.  Well maybe.  I noticed one dove likes to strut around and raise its wings and that seems to get the birds to scatter.  No noise, no attacks, just lifting the wings.  I've only seen this behavior twice.  The dove seems to be okay with other birds, he just doesn't want any other doves around.   

I never thought I would find so much enjoyment over feeding the local wildlife.  It is fun to watch.  The kids and I are constantly drawing attention to who is currently at the feeder.  My bird feeder is something small that we can share that makes me smile. Who knew?

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