Air Delights

Each one of those wholes is less chocolate for me to enjoy :(

This morning the newspaper had a write up on Hershey's newest kiss. They are called, Hershey's Air Delights.

Basically, this is chocolate whipped with air to make air bubbles. You will find this bubbly "delight" in the center of the Kiss.

Hershey's has made many varieties of the classic Kiss. Some I like better than others. But I think this idea is ridiculous. It seems to me that this is just a way to use less ingredients and make a few extra bucks at the same time. I wonder how much it will cost to buy air in my chocolate.

Just in case you couldn't tell, I think this idea is silly. I have not tried this new candy for myself. I'm not sure if I will.  Just the thought annoys me.  I love my chocolate.  And I'm all for trying new recipes and flavor combinations, but come on...air bubbles?

What do you think about this new aerated chocolate?  Will you be on the look out for the new cute wrappers? 

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  1. Now this is the blog I was waiting for from you. "Air in my chocolate" that is great. Way to tell it like it is. I am so sick of all this fancy candy crap. Give me a good old Hershey bar any day. Do you really have to pay twice the amount to get a good candy bar. I think not. Way to go. I call shenanigans.

    There was this really good chocolate that someone gave me from England once. I'm sure it cost a fortune, and I'd give my right arm to get more of it. But that's besides the point. Right? SHENANIGANS!!

  2. I Love Chocolate , I'm Sure It Will Taste Wonderful. What More Could A Women Ask For. It's Pure Bliss!


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