What Gets You Out Of Bed?

What gets you out of bed in the morning?  Some days are easier than others, I'm sure that is true for you as well.  My motivation to get out of bed on Monday through Friday is simple.  Quiet Time.  I get up each week day one hour before my kiddos are allowed downstairs.  (I trained them very young that they are not allowed to come downstairs until the clock says 7)

My special chair :)
This is my time.  My husband has already gotten up, eaten, read the paper and is already exercising (either in the basement or outside on a run) so I am awake and by myself.  I use this time to quickly see what happened on Facebook while I was sleeping.  I check my blog.  Pour my first cup of coffee.  I eat my breakfast.  Maybe browse through the paper while I'm eating.  And then I land in my special chair.  In this chair, I read.  I enjoy the quiet and I read.  I have a special little book light that I use when it is too dark to read by natural light. 

I do not feed the animals, worry about the Mini's or talk with my hubby.  I enjoy the quiet, read for pleasure and watch for birds eating at my bird feeder.  It is a peaceful way to begin each day.  That first hour ticks away very quickly each morning.  The clock "says 7" and then boom!  Kids want to be fed immediately, one cat has been extremely vocal for the past hour as she has been begging for food.  The dog needs fed and to be given her medicine.  Lunches and snacks need to be packed.  The dishwasher may need unloaded.  Outfits need to be found, teeth brushed and hair done.  Did I mention this is all before we get into the car to start our various dropoffs at 8 am?  You get the picture.  I cherish my quiet time each morning.  The next time I get a moment to myself is after the kiddos are tucked in at night.  I am so blessed with two children to care for and watch grow, a great husband who is a terrific daddy, a home to clean and pets to share our home with.  But this mommy needs her quiet time in order to deal with the demands that I will face each day. 

What gets you out of bed each morning?

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