Something About a Worn Path

Here is something I'm sure most of you don't know about me.  I love paths.  What am I talking about?  I love a picture or painting that draws the viewers attention to a path.  I did not realize this for a long time.  One day I looked around at the artwork we had hanging around our house, and every single picture that was not a photograph (and even a few of those) had a path in the picture. 

I'm sure this says something about my personality although I'm not sure what.  It has to mean something since I am always drawn to these images.  These paths are always well worn and lead to an unknown destination.  It may go around a bend, or lead to a set of stairs.  Or maybe the path just goes straight ahead until it is too far away to see what is at the end. 

These paths can be through a field, on a sand dune, through the woods, at any time of day.  It doesn't seem to matter.  As long as I can't tell where it ends.  Maybe I just like to use my imagination in the moment each time I look at the picture.

I find these images to be peaceful.   Being the type of person I am, I'm not surprised that I am not attached to the idea of Forks in the Road.  Nope, that would represent making decisions to me.  I don't like having to make choices.  Every day things are not too much of a problem, but the picture of two roads brings to mind a major choice.  One where each choice changes the direction you were headed.  Ok, so I think I know why I don't care for art work of trails that lead to a split of any sort, but I'm no closer to understanding why I do love the picture of a trail that seems to never end. 

Do you have any thoughts on my fascination with the path that leads to no where?  Have you noticed a theme in the art that inspires you?  Please post a comment sharing your ideas. Thanks! 

*The images were copied from Google Images.  I searched "paths" and chose a these three pics to get my point across. 

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