One of Lifes Lessons

On the way home from school, my son hands me a folded up dollar bill and says he found it in gym class.  This was an unexpected discovery so I told him that he should have given it to the teacher.  I thought it was only a dollar so my first thought was he could keep it but I explained that in the future, he should give it to the teacher because someone lost that money.  It may have been their lunch money.  After we got home, he handed it to me and I counted his newly found "treasure".  To my surprise it was actually $4.00.  I think this really is someone's lunch money.  Now I felt guilty for saying he could keep it. 

I remembered one of the Junie B. Jones books I read to the kids.  In this book, Junie finds a pen that doesn't belong to her and she doesn't understand why she has to turn it over to the lost and found.  Soon, she discovers her new gloves are missing and she is devastated (If you know Junie B. then you know she has a tendency to be dramatic).  Then she knows what it is like to be missing something and want to have it back.  I mentioned this story to my son but had already told him he could keep the money so I wasn't going to push anything.  I said that if he wanted we could take it to school and give it to the secretary just in case someone was looking for their money. 

Much to this Proud Momma's pleasure, he said that is what he wanted to do.  It was great.  We went back to the house (at this point we had gone out to run errands) and he grabbed the money.  We went to school and explained how he found the money in the gym.  On our way out, he said he felt much better.  I can't help but smile as I think about how my Little Man made a very good choice.  I told him I was proud of his decision.  I know it would have been nice to spend the money but he did the right thing.  Then we called Daddy and I told him how proud I was of our six year old. 

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