My SuperMom Cape Must Be At the Cleaners

It's official. I'm human. I may not want to admit it but it's true. I realized this as I was driving to pick up my son from kindergarden this morning. I was enjoying the sunshine and music while we (my daughter and I) were on our way to school. When I got a text from my friend and fellow kindergarden mom asking me if I was coming today.

At first I was ready to respond yes. I looked at the clock, I still had 15 mins. to get there, it was only 11:15. Okay, it was 11:18. Anyway...oh yeah! Today was early dismissal and I was to BE there to pick him up at 11:15. This was my moment of enlightenment. I messed up. We remembered today was Pajama Day. My daughter and I left our playdate a little early so we could get to school on time. Ironic, isn't it?

Lucky for me, my son said he wasn't worried. He was mostly concerned about eating lunch. The school secretary wasn't impressed and hardly acknowledged my heartfelt apology. Oh well. I guess someone else gets to wear the SuperMom cape today!

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