My Grocery Store Transformation

As a busy mom, the last thing I need is another trip to the grocery store. Over the past 6 years I have learned a lot about eating healthy to lose weight and maintain that weight loss. I still marvel that I lost over 70 lbs. and have kept almost every one of those pounds off.  It was hard work and unfortunately, it still is. But living healthy, eating healthy and teaching my children these things are well worth it.

One of the first changes I made was the amount of food I prepared. This was pretty easy at the time because my son was still eating baby food. I made two servings for dinner and when it was gone, it was gone. I also learned to cut back on those yummy carbs. (who knew that half a bag of tator tots wasn't a serving?) I also learned to make myself eat my vegetables. And by make myself, I do mean that I forced myself. The vegetables that I served my hubby and I were of the frozen variety. There is nothing wrong with frozen veggies, just know that you get more nutrition from fresh veggies than frozen. But a frozen veg is better than no veg at all.

The next step was buying more fruit and salad in a bag. The fruit was great but the salad in a bag gets old pretty quick. I was always on the lookout for a new "crunch" or dressing to keep it interesting. I guess some things don't change because I still do this.

Slowly, out of complete boredom with what I was eating and also desiring to find some veggies my son and eventually my daughter would eat, I started shopping for fresh produce. Over the past two or three years we have gotten more adventurous in the produce we try. This has worked out well for me because I have really taken an interest in cooking fresh, healthy meals for my family.
I do not judge the freezer or pantry of anyone else. I just got to the point where I couldn't shake the thought of all the "extra" stuff in my food that enabled it to have such a long shelf life. Once I began cooking with fresh ingredients, there was no going back. The food tastes so much better. It is healthier. It looks prettier. And I feel good knowing that this is my little way to provide for my family.

Back to the grocery store...These days, we do most of our shopping in the produce aisles. We swing back, pick up our deli order. Grab a few canned goods (mostly beans). Grab whatever meat we will need for the week. Any paper products and end up in the dairy/bread aisle. Our trips to the store tend to take less time than they used to. But I do find myself stopping by the Giant once or twice more throughout the week to replenish the produce we've used or grab something we didn't get the first time. It certainly was easier to have a freezer full of frozen food.  It was always there, just take it out and pop it in the nuker.  But adding an extra trip or two to the store is a small price to pay when I feel the benefits for my family and myself are so great.

Have you ever wondered how to cook a specific veggie? Post a comment stating which veggie and I'll post a recipe for you to try.


  1. Way to go Dawn.......WOOHOO!! Do you have before and after pics?? I'd love to see em!!

    I currently am trying to lose weight and I love seeing other's success stories!!
    Go yoU! :)


  2. Mommy on the Move OOps....the last comment was from ME :) Nicky


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