My Feathered Friends

I used to think bird watchers were strange people who wore funny hats and had clocks that ring in each hour with a different bird chirp. Once again I am learning that some ideas I have assumed during my short life are silly and wrong. As my life gets busier I am learning to find peace an joy in many new ways.

One of my new sources of pleasure is my cheap bird feeder that I bought from good old Target. I bought the feeder and some seed, then stuck the Shepard's Hook in one if the flower beds in the back yard. Then...presto! I have a very busy backyard. I had hoped that I would see a few birds from time to time. I have been so surprised and very pleased with the busy bird traffic I get. It seems there is usually one, two, three or even more birds fluttering about. Either eating from the ledge, under the feeder or sitting on the fence while the birdies wait their turn to grab some grub.

I've seen big birds like mourning doves and cardinals. And a variety of little birds. If I'm inside, I can't help but keep checking to see if I have any friends outback. On a nice day I sit outside and just listen to the different chirps and tweets. This feeder is in a great spot because it is far enough away the birds feel safe enough to come. But it's close enough to the patio that you can see the birds who stop by.

One of my Mother's Day gifts was a bird identification book. I love it. I love my kiddos have seen the pleasure "my" birds bring me. And I'm looking forward to figuring out what types of feathered friends are enjoying my backyard. No one needs to worry about me though, I do not own and don't ever see myself owning a chirping clock no matter how much I enjoy birdwatching in my little corner of the world ;)

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