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In my opinion, the best stick vacuum I have ever used is the Electrolux ErgoRapido.  I found this super lightweight wonder at the local Target.  And it has changed my daily cleanup for the better. 

As you can see, I have a carpet under my kitchen table.  When that idea was suggested, I thought "no way!  not with two kiddos that are in preschool! I don't want to have to clean that up every day."  Who can blame me for that, right?  Unfortunately, I really liked how it looked, so the carpet went down.  I was resigned to two types of days.  The first day was the one where I pulled out the big heavy vacuum and cleaned up all the leftovers from our meal.  The other day was the one where I just let the pieces that fell to the floor stay on the floor.  Neither option was all that great.  After many, many, MANY months of this cycle, I decided I needed something that could quick clean up under the table.  I had tried a few different types of vacs and they were ok. 

When our last one broke, I found this one and POOF!  What a difference.  I still have to do the work but it is so light and the suction is so great, it is no biggie.  I use it several times a day.  It is fantastic on the carpet under the table.  It is easy to get under the chairs and legs of the table.  I use it on my wood floors that are throughout the first floor.  I am also able to use it on the carpet runner that goes down the staircase. 

Not only is this a fantastic stick vacuum.  It also comes apart very easily and can be used as a hand held vac.  To empty the dirt, crumbs, dust and hair is amazingly easy.  And I am shocked by how much this little thing sucks up! 

We paid $100. for this vac.   I have had it for several months and I still use it multiple times a day.  It isn't strong enough to do the wall to wall carpet but I do use it when company is coming over if I just need to pick up a few pieces of dirt that was tracked in by the kiddos or the dog.  I really think this is the best money I have ever spent on a cleaning instrument.  My house gets cleaned up quickly so I'm not stuck feeling like Cinderella, missing out on my life so I can keep a clean house.

Do you have a Daily Must Have that you use to clean?

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