Home Made Sugar Scrub

Okay ladies, most of us like a little pampering. Guys, (if any of you are reading, lol) impress your lady with this thoughtful gift.  Here is a quick recipe you can make with things you have at home.  You get to enjoy the benefits of a sugar scrub without the hefty price tag you pay at retail stores.  This is a basic recipe that you can make for yourself or as a gift for someone else.  I made this in just a few minutes and LOVED it!  I will not buy another scrub again!!!!

You will need:
1/2 C white granulated sugar
1/2 C brown sugar
1/2 C olive oil
5 or 6 drops of an essential oil (this time I used peppermint  b/c its what I had but next time, I will buy a different oil)

Mix the white and brown sugars thoroughly.  Add olive oil and mix.  Then add your drops of essential oil.  Stir very well.  Store in an airtight container.  You can use a glass container but b/c this is very slippery, you may drop it so plastic may be better.  This does not need to be refrigerated unless you use a recipe that has any dairy product in it.  This recipe doesn't so just leave in the tub or by the sink or where ever you will remember to use it. 

To Use:
Grab a blob (that's the technical term, haha) and spread it all over your hands, feet, elbows, etc.  Rub it in well, then rinse with warm water.  Feel the difference!

I found a recipe for a banana sugar scrub I will be making next.  I'm very excited and can't wait.

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