So the instructor for two of the classes I take each week has this list. During class, the regular attendees joke it is her "bucket list". One of the goals she has is a 5 min. plank. So every class we "train" for this goal.

We all think she is crazy. We complain, we tease, we drop to our knees. But there is no doubt that I am getting stronger. I was less than thrilled when I realized that our fearless leader was serious about this 5 mins. of torture. I have moaned and cheated my way through two mins. more times than I care to admit. In class, we are up to a 3 min. plank. I already told you how I get through 2 mins. 3 mins. hasn't been any prettier.

I am so excited to share tonight that a few moments ago, I was inspired to try a 3 min. plank. I put an upbeat song on my iPod and decided to hold throughout the entire song. Now I am celebrating because I did it! 3 mins. and 23 secs.! Now this 5 min. goal has become my own. I cannot wait to get to class tomorrow. I will do it again and I will encourage my fellow classmates to hang in there.

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