Did We Win?

I am officially a Soccer Mom. My son is playing on a real soccer team for the first time. It is not much fun being at the field at 9 am on a Saturday morning. But watching the kiddos run around and play is so worth it.

What I don't understand is why at this age (6) they do not keep score. The kids try to keep track. The parents keep track. But officially, there is no score keeping. So far the teams we have played it has been pretty obvious which team is winning (ours. Go team Brazil!). A quick clue has been that the three on three game usually turns into a game of three on four because we are too far ahead. They know we are ahead somehow without keeping score ;) Today we played the first team that was similar in ability. As responsible parents we try to reinforce that it isn't about the score. "Have fun, do your best and don't focus on the score".

But why? I understand that this is a league for learning. I get the emphasis should not be on the final score. But what is the harm in knowing the score? In a game there is always a winning team and a team that looses. Thats life. There should be no shame in that. At the end of the game, the players were all asking their parents if they won. If they want to know, why can't we tell them? Of course this is not the place for smack talk but I don't think keeping score has to lead to negative talk.

I'm curious if other parents feel the same or if you agree with the No Keeping Score policy.

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