Zumba! Every woman should try it.

As a kid growing up, I hated to exercise.  Gym, was not my friend.  As I got older, got married, started cooking and eating whatever I wanted, I found myself weighing over 200 pounds.  During my weight loss journey, I learned to love exercise.  The transformation was amazing.  I went from doing exercise each day because "I have to" to looking forward and truely enjoying my time set aside for exercise each day. 

I did not become an exercise freak.  I don't workout for hours on end.  But I do love that hour each day that is mine to "bust it out!"  The catch is, I get bored quickly.  I'm always looking for something new, challenging and different.  For years, I spent tons of money on new dvd's.  It was working so it was worth it.  Then I joined a gym that offers classes.  I love the variety of classes that a gym offers.  I love that my workouts became an hour instead of 30 mins.  And I love having a buddy who joins me for classes. 

One of the many classes we have begun taking and are sure to attend at least once a week is Zumba.  I was very intimidated to take this class.  I do not dance.  Never have.  I could not imagine I could keep up.  Getting my groove on aside, I was used to hard core cardio classes.  If I take a dance class, am I going to have to exercise again to feel like I got a real workout it? 

So, we tried Zumba.  It was different.  A bit overwhelming in fact.  There were all these women.  There was hollering and shaking, clapping and everyone else seemed to know what they were doing.  I am a pretty conservative person so this was not my norm.  I made it through and I was exhausted.  No need to worry about Zumba not being a good enough cardio workout. 

I went back again, and again.  It is so much fun!  It is loud and it is crazy.  If you are like me, a little uptight, I  think you should try it a few times.  Give yourself a chance to loosen up a bit and enjoy.  I have done no other workout that makes me feel the way Zumba does.   The great part is that no one judges you or your ability.  My instructors always make a point of saying "if you can't figure out a move, don't worry, JUST KEEP MOVING".   I think that is a great way to make everyone feel included regardless of their ability.  I can only speak from my experience, but the classes I have attended are extremely diverse.  At 34, I am probably one of the youngest women in the room.  There is one woman who looks to me to be in her 70s.  There are woman of all shapes and sizes.  The atmosphere is comfortable.  No one cares what you look like either physically or in your ability.  We show up to work hard and have a blast. 

There is something about this type of music that makes you feel strong and sexy.  It is very empowering.  Moves that can be suggestive in nature do not feel that way when you are in a room full of women doing the same thing. This combination of Hip Hop, African,, Bollywood and Latin music keeps you moving.  I have found that personally, it has helped me feel more self confident and accepting of myself.  It really is freeing.  You get in that room and the music starts pumping and you can't help but get moving.  I think every woman should give Zumba a chance. 

This class is offered all over the place.  You can take it at a gym, in some churches, around here, they even offer it at a roller rink (no skates involved).  You can even get a dvd and do it at home.  I have never done this workout at home. I'm sure it is still very good.  If you can get to a class, I really encourage you to give it a try.  While the workout at home is probably good, I cannot imagine the atmosphere is the same. 

If you have taken Zumba, share what you think of the class.  Thanks.


  1. Zumba on the Wii!!! I love it! It doesn't feel like exercise but you feel like you got a work out!

  2. I tried Zumba for a fund raiser and now I've signed up for a class at my Local Y. It reminds me of every Prom, and Wedding I've ever been too. Everyone moves and is having a good time and frankly know one really cares if you are in step with the class you just keep moving.


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