Turn it off.

Ironically, during my Muscle Works class my fellow classmates got talking about cupcakes. Yum! We talked and talked about cupcakes. Where to get them, what flavors to try, etc. This was a fun conversation. Strange considering we were working out but still fun. Then the talk started to switch to how bad it was to eat things like cupcakes. This too started out in fun (insert joke about working out harder here) but it got me thinking.

I personally struggle with this. I am ok most days. I understand there are certain foods that I can not eat often. I tell my kiddos they are "sometimes foods". That's the good part. The tough part is when I do eat that super yummy "sometimes food", how do I turn off the internal voice that tells me I did something wrong. It isn't wrong to enjoy the occasional treat. I know this. But I still find myself feeling like I did something bad. I'd love to figure out a way to turn off the voice so I can truly enjoy my occasional treat.

If you have any ideas or experiences to share, please leave a comment.

To end on a funny note I will say that our cupcake talk did make our 2 minute plank go by so much faster!

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