A thankful attitude is a choice

I am a very blessed woman. Both in material and immaterial ways. It is easy to forget that it is all a gift and that it could be gone tomorrow. I think I am a pretty thankful person. I try to teach my children to be grateful for what we have and share with others. Every one in a while, I get a reminder to be thankful even when it isn't what I feel.

I am talking about our spare car. Yes, I said spare. I have a car, my husband has a car and he has a car given to him by his employer. Every once in a while, my car has to get work done, and I have to drive my husband's car for a day or two. I really dislike this car. I like my big SUV crossover. His car is too low, to heavy and what gets me angry every time I drive is that the doors lock automatically but don't unlok unless I make it happen. Of course, I always forget and my blood starts boiling when I go to help the kiddos out of the backseat.

When I find myself feeling ungrateful and frustrated, I have learned to take a moment and be thankful that this car is paid for it runs and it is available when my car is not. It hasn't been easy but for some reason this is a very clear example to me of choosing to be thankful.

So, I choose to be thankful for this car as I go about my busy day today. I will also be extra thankful for my car when I get it back ;)

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