The sun changes everything.

The sun is shining...finally! It has been a long, wet week but today is beautiful. The day after tomorrow is supposed to be wet, but today and tomorrow, the sun will be shining. A little sunshine with fresh air goes a long way.

The walls are no longer caving in. My tolerance for noise has increased (because we are outside of course). Running errands is much better because you don't have to dodge cold raindrops (especially while holding the car door open as the Mini's take forever to get in and out of the car).

I know Spring is the season for rain and without the rain, the flowers and grass would have a hard time growing but day after day without sunshine takes a toll on a person. Having made my way through a week of wet, I am so thankful for the warm sunshine. As with many things we can get so busy we forget to appreciate the good around us. The sun is good.

Now I'm going to go enjoy this beautiful day on my fantastic patio. The first of many chances start my outdoor living.

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