I was at the store and noticed a pair of sneakers for kids that looked like a pair of Shape Ups. I could not fathom they were true Shape Ups so i made mention to my friend the similarity to the grownup shoe and moved on.

Today I saw a child wearing them and I asked another mom if they were Shape Ups. She said yes they were. Still not sure they would make such a thing, I went to the Sketchers website. They do make Shape Ups for kids. I think this is terribly unsafe. Personally, I do have a pair of Shape Ups sneakers. While I would never suggest they tone anything, they definatley help to keep me aware of how I walk. Since I am currently in physical therapy for a laundry list of things, they have been helpful in reteaching me how to walk properly. I feel these sneakers are unsafe to play in. These shoes are walking shoes. They are not meant for play or serious exercise. I don't know why you would buy these for your child. If weight is a concern, get them outside or take the money you would spend on the sneakers and get them involved in some activity through the Rec. Program or somewhere similar. Don't feed them the myth that a pair of sneakers will make a person in shape and healthy. Do something together. We need to teach our kids that exercise is fun. Our kids need to know how to make good choices for themselves. They do not need a pair of sneakers that will be dangerous to be a kid in.

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