Retail therapy works!

It's true! Retail therapy is a term used when a person does a little shopping to make themselves feel better. Most of us have done it. This morning, as I skimmed the paper a heading on retail therapy caught my eye. As someone who loves any chance to shop, I had to keep reading.

The article stated a study has found that people who get out and shop on a regular basis live longer than those that don't enjoy this pleasure. The study focused on older people although I don't know how old you have to be to be counted in this group. Shopping is beneficial because it gets a person out and about. The person shopping feels a part of the community. And of course because you are walking while you wander from store to store, shopping offers physical health benefits by strengthening your heart and burning some calories. I doubt I'm in the target age range this study focused on. So this does no apply to me yet .

Personally, retail therapy is a way to give myself a little pick me up. It does not matter what I buy or who I buy it for. The search is fun and the find is satisfying. This special form of therapy is also great in a group setting. A group therapy session is a very effective way to de-stress and have fun!

The study seemed to focus on the physical benefits of shopping. I like to think more on the
emotional benefits. What's important to remember is there is a study that has been published
saying that shopping is good for you. I'm not surprised, I've known it all along. And now my husband will know too!

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