Random Thoughts on Workout Gear

A few random thoughts on exercise clothing. First, good socks are a MUST. One sock does not fit all. I have several types of athletic socks and have learned they are not all the same. I have two types that I have found are perfect for my feet and my types of exercise. I have another type that rub my foot wrong throughout my entire class which means by the end of class, the side of my foot is raw and I'm very uncomfortable. Make sure you find a sock that feels good and buy lots of them.

My second thought is on the removable pads in workout shirts and sports bras. At first I thought this was a really great idea. But after many washes and having to put them back into place, I am not feeling the love anymore. What a pain! And what is the point? You might think that they are removable so they don't need to go in the wash. I say that when I workout, I sweat and even the pads need cleaned. Putting them back in place are very difficult.  I no longer see the intelligence behind this feature. I certainly need the cups/pads but I think from now on, I'll go for the permanent pads.

Finally...sneakers. It's common sense to have a good pair of sneaker that fit. The latest pair of sneaks I bought have been fantastic. I've never had a workout shoe that felt so good. Don't just buy what looks good.  I tried on the Reebok Zig Tech sneaker.  Personally, I think they are ugly but started seeing a lot of people wearing them at the gym.  I figured these women were working out like me so I would give them a try.  The first pair felt good.  The second pair did not.  The third pair felt best and are the ones I bought. What a difference it has made while I workout as well as when I'm done.  I have learned you really need to put effort into shopping for a sneaker. 

These topics may seem silly, but exercise is hard enough for most people to do.  If you do not feel comfortable while you are exercising, it will be much harder to get yourself motivated to workout again. 

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