Once you start...

The Mini's had another egg hunt (candy scramble) this morning. As I find myself once again dipping into the bite size goodies, I realized, bite size chocolates in many varieties are a trigger food for me. I certainly have my favorites, mostly anything dark chocolate but I am no snob to the milk chocolate category of candy. The jingle for a brand of chips is "Once you pop, you can't stop". Everyone has their own weakness when it come to food. Here is my top five foods I need to keep away from or else I have a terrible time walking away.

1. Chocolate and peanut butter eggs. Doesn't matter which brand. This is a deadly combination.

2. Homemade granola. Since I make this on a weekly basis for my family, I have gotten much better with this. When I first started making this, I could not keep out of the container. There is just something about that sweet and crunchy snack.

3. Peanut butter chips. I have made the mistake of bringing these into the house to use in pancakes. Sure, some make it into the batter, the rest take a more direct path to my belly (and then settle on my hips).

4. Tortilla chips. There is something about this salty and crunchy snack that is very difficult for me to walk away from.

5. Trail mix. Especially a mix that includes nuts and chocolate. A good trail mix is a perfect combination of sweet and salty.

Most of these things I have learned to live around but it isn't easy. A few of these things you would be hard pressed to find in my house at all because I have learned my limits.

Anyone care to share what treats are irresistible to you?

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