My kitchen "must have".

I have really begun to enjoy the task of cooking for my family.  Previously, this has been a necessary duty but over the past 6 months or so, I have really found the kitchen to be place of fun and satisfaction.  Of course, the more I cook, the more gadgets I need.  And somewhere along the way, I have discovered that I love to read recipes. 

The one gadget that I use almost every single day is my iphone.  Sounds silly but its true.  I have several recipe apps on my phone.  Whenever I have a few minutes, I find myself searching for new meal ideas on my phone.  It doesn't matter where I am, it is like a game for me.  There are so many recipe apps to choose from.  While they are designed differently, they are basically the same.  Enter an ingredient and then you get lists of food ideas to make.  Most recipes include pics, and nutritional info.  Every night we have something different.  We are no longer in a rut of the same meals from week to week. 

Most of the apps have a shopping list function so you can create a list of the items you need to pick up at the store to make your meal.  The apps I have also have a "favorites" or "recipe box" function, so you can see a list of the meals that have interested you.  Personally, I use my favorites lists as a running list of what I want to try, not only the meals I want to make again. 

The drawback of so many recipes that are easily accessible is that I can't remember which ones I want to make again.  My husband often says, "remember this one and make it again".  To which I shake my head and say, "of course, it is saved on my phone".  The reality is I can never remember where I got the recipe from.  But now there is an app that fixes that!  I have an app that is a place to keep record of the recipes that are a hit.  I can take a pic of it to jog my memory.  I can write notes, and this is where I list the name of the app I got the recipe from.  This has been a fantastic tool for my kitchen.

I have always had cookbooks and recipe cards but was uninspired.  Now the possibilities are never ending!  I never saw myself being so tied to technology.  But I love my iphone and all that I can do with it.  Who knew my phone would be partially responsible for my happiness in the kitchen?

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  1. MMmmm..love love love recipes. It's like the thrill of the hunt! Some do word searches, some bargain shop...I love recipe hunting. I have not fully made the leap to electronic dependence (with the exception of one specific site that I could not live without). There is just something about pouring over the countless cookbooks with my kiddos in search of the perfect day's meals.

    But now that you mention it...my Epic 4g is my life wrapped in a gadget..combining the two..something to think about! Thanks!


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