My favorite room.

We are more than halfway through April and it has been too cold and too wet to get outside and use our patio. Last summer we took out the little cement slab and had a beautiful flagstone patio installed. My hubby and my dad built a gorgeous pergola. We bought outdoor furniture. My husband did the landscaping. I finally talked him into buying a chiminea. We did get some use of this outdoor room last year. I was heartbroken when it was time to move the furniture to the basement for the winter.

This year, we added a bigger table so we can entertain more comfortably. I couldn't wait for the the furniture to come out of storage. Well, it is all out...but we can only look at it from inside the house. This rain is never ending (or so it seems). By the time the the furniture dries out, it is raining again :(.

We had our first meal outside today at lunchtime. There were a few hours of beautiful weather and my family jumped on the chance to get outside and enjoy our outdoor room.

Picture taken last summer while the sun was still shining.

We had a brief glimpse of what is to come.  It is only Spring now.  Some day the rain will slow down and we will get to head outside and enjoy this beautiful outdoor room.  I am looking forward to making many memories through the rest of Spring, Summer and the Falll. 

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