Money well spent

As I snuck in to give the kiddos one last kiss before I went to bed tonight, I was struck by the thought that the Lava Lamps I bought for my kids were a great idea (hooray for mommy!). My children have so many things that it is hard to know what to get them for Christmas. So much of what you get for them gets played with for a little bit and then gets put aside. We have two bedrooms and a playroom filled with toys and they still say there is nothing to do, imagine that.

This year I picked out a Lava Lamp for each of them. I had one when I was in college and I loved it. I warned them of the dangers from the heat so they leave it alone. Every night they make sure mommy or daddy turn it on before we close the door. Then before I crawl into bed, I sneak in, give a kiss and turn off the Lava Lamp.

It's like a really cool night light. Its actually better than a night light because it is entertaining while it sheds a little light in the room withought casting spooky shadows. I like that the Mini's enjoy their Lava Lamps. I love that it is the middle of April and there is at least one Christmas present they both received that still gets daily attention! This may not be a typical gift idea for young children but it has proved to be a great idea in this house.

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