Less loads coming up!

Very recently I thought of another reason to look forward to warmer weather. It's not the fresh air in and outside of the house. It isn't the kiddos playing outside or playdates at the park. It isn't a break from the school year routine. These things are fantastic reasons to enjoy the upcoming warm weather, but tonight I thought of a new one!

This awesome reason to anxiously await the sunny days to come is...less laundry ;) As the person in charge of washing, drying and putting away the clean clothes, I'm ready for a bit of a break.

Our family of four goes through crazy laundry in the cooler months. The kids have their own. Then we have the grown up loads which include the standard whites and colors but my hubby and I also accumulate a basket full of super sweaty exercise clothes. Then there are the linens, dog beds,rags,etc. I expect you know, you have the same loads to face each week too. This is a job that NEVER ends but in the warmer months, the clothes are smaller so they take up much less room which means...less loads!

Okay, so maybe there is no reason to throw a party to celebrate this epiphany but as I was switching yet another load from washer to dryer I couldn't help but smile and wonder how I will spend my extra time this summer.

Gotta a job around the house that never ends? Share!

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