LEGOs, smart play.

Genius!  LEGOs were invented in the 1940's.  Almost every home and many waiting rooms across America have at least one set available for anyone over the age of 2 and under the age of 12.  Whoever decided to remarket the LEGO brand to this current generation of youngins was a genius.  I have no idea how they thought to take this familiar toy and run with it.  However the leap was made, it was definately a smart move financially.  For the makers, maybe not for the comsumer ;)

What used to be a toy that allowed kids to build, take apart and rebuild over and over is so much more involved now. Now there are different LEGO Series that you can buy.  You can buy the town and build a firehouse, police station, airport, etc.  You can also build popular movie themes.  There is a Toy Story, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Harry Potter Sets.  Of course, each series has multiple sets to be bought and added together.  Very smart, I'm just saying.

LEGO has taken the name and put it on what feels like everything.   T-shirts, sneakers and card games, you would expect a brand name to use.  What amazes me most though, is that LEGO has created a series of Wii games.  LEGO Batman, LEGO Star Wars (just released 2nd game), LEGO Harry Potter and LEGO Indiana Jones.  I have no idea who thought this oldie but goodie toy would translate into a successful video game but if my son and his friends are any indication, it was a bright move on LEGOs part. There is violence but as each person "dies" (the pieces fall apart), they reassemble just as quickly and keep going.  These are action packed video games with story lines and level after level of bad guys to defeat. 

Someone somewhere is sitting in an office and thinking of the next move for LEGO.  I can't imagine what it could be.  Of course, I never would have thought to add LEGO to the gaming world.  Any thoughts?  Please share.  Thanks!

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