Great way to start the day

I slept horrible last night. Then I woke up super early so I could take a Pilates on the ball class. This is a newish class for me. I have started taking this class on days I am unable to take my regular classes later in the day. Today, I must get to the dentist. So here I am at the gym before 6 am.

I didn't exactly run from the car to the gym. When I did begin my trek inside, another gym-goer was walking in beside me. He commented on my greyhound liscense plate. "ooh! One of my favorite topics!" I thought. So we walked indoors talking about my retired greyhound and the one he had which has passed away. It wasn't much of a conversation but it was a brief connection over something very precious to me. It didn't make the clock read any later or put that first cup of coffee in my hand but it did make me smile as I walked into the gym to face that huge exercise ball and my lack of balance and control of my core.

Later I will be very tired due to my lack of sleep, but for now I have my workout done, I'm a drive home away from my coffee fix and a sweet greeting from my doggie girl. Overall, this morning has started much better than I expected as I watched the minutes tick by.

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