The gift of girlfriends

Kids are fun. Husbands are great. Girlfriends are a gift. Last night I got the chance to spend an evening with a table full of friends. We met at a local cafe. The night was beautiful so we found a table outside. As it got dark, we discussed a book, our husbands, the kids, our bodies and so much more.

Having good girlfriends is special. We can connect over experiences and feelings. Our frustrations with being a mom and a wife. We can share our joys with each other. Unlike our other relationships, girlfriend time is playtime for mommy. It is a time away from our responsibilities. And no one wants anything from us. Just being with each other is enough. A safe place to be yourself, for yourself.

You may not get together often but you pick up where you left off. With time you develop "inside" jokes. We come from different places and return to our own routines. When it's time to drive away, we have laughed and shared and recharged. This is one way we as women can help ourselves be better moms and wives. If scheduling is a problem, retail therapy is always a good temporary substitute.

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